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Ficus Spp

Description de l'Arbre

Perhaps a very fast growing and pretty frost hardy variety of Osborne Prolific, big bush, no natural tendency to become a tree

Description du Fruit

rounded, well-shaped and elastic, green-brown with a bit violet when ripen. nearly milky white inside
fresh, always fresh from the bush. best after slight refreshing summer rain

Description du Goût

The ripening fruits have a distinct smell, but don't seem particularly interesting for fruit eating wasps. The breaking is still slightly milky, the bellows plump, rounded, well-shaped and elastic. The cut smells faint of the mild acidity and promising fruit. The taste is fresh, without nediterranean over-sweetness, and lies clearly between peach and strawberry notes up to fresh raw milk yogurt. The finish is characterized by the fresh acidity and reflects the mineral earthiness of its Franconian-Swabian origin. A real treat.


Choreutis nemorana, Psylloidea sp.

Origine de la variété

southern Hohenlohe, landscape between Schwäbisch Hall und Heilbronn, southwestern Germany

Complément d'informations

Rapidly growing, tends to need more space than exepted. pretty frost hardy variety because it gains wood mass rapidly. Fruit no very sweet but with a refreshing taste, sparkeling
NOT a fig for pot growth!



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