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Ficus Spp

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Even for a variety Zuccherina is like the variety White Petrovka synonymous Škofiotka. The fruits of both genera are yellow, the interior is bright yellow, the flesh juicy, sweet taste. The first generation has a good crop (and sometimes worse). Large fruits are less susceptible to rain. Maturing begins about 5 days later and less abundant than White Petrovka, fruits are tastier!
Form; fruit is bell-shaped, petioles are short and thick. The second generation of well born fruits are smaller, are less susceptible to rain. Ripens from mid-August until the end of September. The shape of the fruit is round. The fruit is quite the tear damage, which is why this variety is suitable only for subsistence and for rural tourism. The market must be picked fruits with a small knife. The tree grows more upright at a young age and late entry into fertility. Fruit tree is a medium-dense and has an open growth and more rarely crown.

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